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Some Other Songs Recently Added

Song Title   Known From Artist/Alternative Song Title
Hora (Come Let Us Dance) (Julius Chajes)
Silver Tongues Tomlinson, Louis
Piano E Forte Op.43
All The Way Over Ryder, Sam
No Way, We Are Not Ashamed Carman
A Closing Prayer
Songs Of The Mountain
Ladino Candle Blessing
Jesus Will Remain (arr. Heather Sorenson)
Prepare The Palms Of Praise (An Introit Of Joy) (arr. Stacey Nordmeyer)
Badder (from Disenchanted) Adams, Amy
Even More Enchanted (from Disenchanted) Adams, Amy
Fairytale Life (After The Spell) (from Disenchanted) Adams, Amy, Gabriella Baldacchino and Patrick Dempsey
Love Power (from Disenchanted) Menzel, Idina
The Magic Of Andalasia (from Disenchanted) Marsden, James
The Magic Of Andalasia (from Disenchanted) Menzel, Idina
Fairytale Life (The Wish) (from Disenchanted) Adams, Amy
Still Holding My Hand (from the Netflix movie Matilda The Musical)
Perfect (from Disenchanted) Harada, Ann
Perfect (from Disenchanted) Disenchanted Cast
Perfect (from Disenchanted) Baldacchino, Gabriella
Perfect (from Disenchanted) Iglehart, James Monroe
Melodies Of Love
The Way Of Love (Joseph M. Martin)
What Star Did Shine?
He Is Born! (arr. Joseph M. Martin)
Easter Bells, Set Free Your Music
Celebrate Jesus! He's Alive!
A Family Is A Circle
Your Hand and Mine
Square Root Of Possible (from Jingle Jangle) (arr. Roger Emerson) Mills, Madalen
Tougher Than Tough Morgan, Derrick
War Ina Babylon Romeo, Max
Bredda Gravalicious Wailing Souls, The
Love Your Neighbor (Cindy Berry; Matthew 22:39)
Sing Joy! Make A Beautiful Noise!
An Easter Exclamation (A Resurrection Introit)
Celebrate Christmas! (Collection)
Kyrie Eleison (A Lenten Prayer)
Praise The Lord Of Everything
Be A Light! (Mark Hayes; Matthew 5:14-16)
Stand! (from VeggieTales) VeggieTales
Restless (Mona Rejino)
Whimsy (Mona Rejino)
Joyful Contentment
Dreaming Of Home
Evening (Mona Rejino)
New Beginning (Mona Rejino)
Supalonely BENEE and Gus Dapperton
Potential Breakup Song Aly & AJ
Boyfriend (Dove Cameron) Cameron, Dove
Just A Cloud Away (from Despicable Me 2) Williams, Pharrell
Devil Doesn't Bargain Benjamin, Alec
Don't Be Shy (Tiesto) Tiesto
This Is Your Song (Don Goodwin; Paul Anka) Goodwin, Don
Let Me Get To Know You Anka, Paul
Sweet Sucker Dance Mingus Dynasty
Wistful Waltz (Pam Wedgwood)
Too Good For Giving Up Gallagher, Liam
Toccatina from Five Pieces For Pianoforte
Through The Looking Glass (Pam Wedgwood)
The Old Mill (Pam Wedgwood)
The Bay At Sunset
Storm In A Teacup (Pam Wedgwood)
Stepping Out
Sketches in Black and White
Serenade (Pam Wedgwood)
Rusty The Cat
Peace (Kim André Arnesen)
Past Times
Pas Des Fleurs (Intermezzo from Naila)
Opening Night (Pam Wedgwood)
Nouveau-né Phoria
Moonlight Romance
Memory Lane (Pam Wedgwood)
March (from William Tell)
Invitation To The Waltz
Golden Hill
Enlightenment (Kim André Arnesen)
Dreaming (Pam Wedgwood)
December Night
Cry (James Blunt) Blunt, James
Bubbling Over
Bossa Nova Baby (Pam Wedgwood)
Blues For Mabel
Before You (Benson Boone) Boone, Benson
Al mal tiempo, buena cara
A Cosy Night In
Taos Rippingtons, The
Avenida Del Mar Rippingtons, The
Snakedance Rippingtons, The
Villa By The Sea Freeman, Russ
Villa By The Sea Rippingtons, The
Cruisin' Down Ocean Drive Rippingtons, The
Black Diamond (The Rippingtons) Rippingtons, The
Caribbean Breeze Rippingtons, The
Stories Of The Painted Desert Rippingtons, The
South Beach Mambo Rippingtons, The
Summer Lovers Rippingtons, The